Eva Alordiah & Trybe Records go their seperate ways!!!

    Its Just been 5 months and already Nigerian Artist Eva Alordiah and her record label Trybe Records have parted ways. Weird? Same thing happened with May D a few months ago…. Are Artists asking for too much from their labels? Anyways, and official statement was released by Trybe Records regarding her exit… 

    Trybe Records and Eva Alordiah have agreed to terminate her recording contract effective immediately. Trybe Records’ vision is to discover and nurture the talents of our artists while operating with purpose, valuing relationships with our partners within the industry, and being persistent in creating and releasing quality music.

    Unfortunately, over the past 5 months, Eva’s vision has not aligned with ours and thus, both parties have agreed to separate. We wish Eva the best in her future endeavors and plan on continuing towards our goal of creating quality music for Nigeria and beyond.”

    Trybe Records

    Hope she gets signed to a label that will be on the same page with her…. πŸ™‚