FOLA comes with an Afrochill sound in his new project SE17 [VOL1] A Brand new project, a brand new sound, a brand new style, a brand new Fola.

    SE17 VOL1 is the new music project from the South East London singer, songwriter, producer Fola. Afrochill is the sound and Self Love is the message. SE17 is a postcode in the London borough of Southwark where Fola grew up and discovered his passion for music.

    SE17 reflects the fusion of culture growing up as a Londoner in a Yoruba household. Like all Fola’s music, ‘SE17 Vol 1’ covers topics on self love, relationships and having a great time.

    From songs dealing with social matters like ‘TSB’ & ‘Down 4 Me’ to more uplifting music like ‘Living Right’ and ‘Alive’, SE17 is filled with depth, giving the whole project a timeless appeal.

    The 10 track mixtape is swimming in Afrochill – a mixture of R&B/Soul and Afrobeat oozing that smooth, sultry chilled vibe perfect to listen to at anytime of the day.

    The project includes fan favourite ‘Down 4 Me’ feat Tashana and up and coming single ‘Come My Way’ produced by long time collaborators, Musiek Mambu & Femi V. The video is out NOW so make sure you watch it!

    SE17 is very unique sound in the world of R&B and Afrobeat and definitely brings out a mature style to Fola. A whole new sound in a project filled with so much culture, depth and youth ‘SE17 – VOL 1’ is definitely one of a kind right now in the music market of R&B and Afrobeat placing Fola in a lane all by himself.

    With such a strong follow up to ‘Promise Land – The Awakening’, makes no wonder how great Volume 2 will be.