Levelle London – Step by Step


    Following his last single, Tension, Levelle London has added yet another hit to his brewing summer soundtrack with latest release, Step By Step.

    Step By Step is Levelle’s second long awaited release of 2017 in

    keeping with his new Afro-Bashment blend, as he draws inspiration from his

    African and Caribbean heritage. This distinct carnival sound opens Levelle’s

    art and creativity to a new audience, similar to his first release of 2017,

    Tension, combined with Levelle’s iconic vocals, Step By Step teases a new

    side to the London talent that we haven’t seen before.

    With the intention to inspire and ignite a positive change within the

    world, Step By Step looks like it will provoke a new-found interest in Levelle’s

    multi-faceted artistry, honing in on his longstanding trademark and brand

    ‘Positive Energy’.