New Music – TemiDollFace – ‘Just Like That (Story)’

Temi DollFace, the poster girl for the unfettered possibilities, returns with her highly anticipated follow-up to successful first offering “Pata Pata”.
“Just Like That (Story)”– the first single off her Upcoming EP project, is a finely honed Hip Hop-Come-AfroBeat-Come-Ariariaassault in which she shows that she’s equally as at home rapping, as she is scatting, and hitting notes that peak as high as they swoop. Also on full display is her penchant for wordplay and her ability to make a serious point playfully- The point being “For The Love Of Money, Truth Often Falls Silent”. **
This bold “Drama Soul” Re-Introduction highlights social issues that are commonplace in our beloved country and the world at large, breathing newness into the relatable.
“Just like That (Story)” will grab you by the ears and shake you into submission on the very first listen. Not only did she write it, she composed, arranged and and co-produced it alongside talented producer Jo Pee
Temi DollFace pulls off the rare trick of being treated as a serious talent in both the music and fashion worlds so what better time to release “Just Like That (Story)” than at the start of Lagos Fashion & Design Week 2014.
“The bound-to-be-explosive single will no doubt cement her status as a credible voice in the Music Industry.
Listen Below