Shaé – Move


    ‘Move’ is a feel good R&B song inspired by my personal journey regarding self love and recognising my worth. The song is built on simple yet soothing melodies, with a strong sultry undertone throughout. I was inspired to write this song as a testimony to my growth; truly realising the importance of loving and accepting myself. I struggle with my insecurities just like everyone else, but this became increasingly harder to deal with as I became more esablished as an underground UK artist, because the spotlight on me became stronger, the pressure rapidly increased in a short space of time and this led to immense anxiety/ me comparing myself to others a lot. This stage of my life revealed to me that authenticity; the uniqueness that comes with me being me and you being you, is all the magic needed to unlock that self love. Embracing the fact that I’m the only person that moves the way I do completely changed my perspective & energy. ‘Move’ is extremely sensual, and that is a direct reflection of how intimate this process is to each individual. My aim is for people to be moved, relate, and enjoy the music all at the same time. The track was produced by duo twin duo sunsetDRVER and the artwork was by Gray.

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