Video – Chuka Royalty ft Nizzy – Afromental


    Welcome to the world of impeccable talented Uk Based Nigeria Artiste
    making his presence felt worldwide by his unique outstanding music ,I am
    different from the rest differential’* These are the *BOLD *words of
    the alternative musician Chuka Royalty off his new self produced summer
    smash titled *‘Afromental’* featuring thriving notable UK based Nigerian
    act Nizzy. CR has never disappointed with his releases like *Kolo, Hustle,
    Jangolova*, just to name a few and this is no different. However,
    *Afromental* shows how seasoned he is as an artist as well as a producer.
    The Afro infused UK pop house record is a preview of what Chuka has cooking
    up and the Afrocentric visuals do not only compliment the song but brings
    to light the creativity of CR. *Afromental *will definitely make you ‘go ga
    ga’ on the dance floor. This record is more than a song it’s a movie; so
    grab your popcorns watch and be entertained by the craftsmanship of Chuka